Higher Education in the UK is in the middle of a market-driven ‘neoliberal’ experiment. This experiment is becoming increasingly unstable. Some universities are now threatening bankruptcy, while others are booming – for now at least. The USS dispute was triggered in part by market forces and it is a testament to our members that we stood strong and fought hard to show that we do have collective industrial strength.

UCU must be an active and effective guardian of academic freedom for all staff across higher education. 

This manifesto sets out how we can stop the current tuition fee market chaos from destroying higher education in England, Wales,  and Northern Ireland, and the approach I will take if elected as General Secretary for UCU. 

Scottish HE is the exception that proves the rule - the best way to defend free education in Scotland is by abolishing tuition fees in the rest of the UK.

The crisis and the Government’s response to it in responding to the “Augar Review”, coupled with Brexit, may force UCU into a showdown with the employers very soon.

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